Pricing Advisers

Our pricing advisers are here to help you to develop, execute and monitor your pricing objectives. Maximising the opportunity to make sales at the right price and to efficiently grow profitability. We do this by helping customers to either implement or improve the way they use Price Trakker.

Implementing a competitor price monitoring system is vital for most businesses, however making proper use of the data is vital. With many years of experience behind us, we can offer you the support that you need.

Price Management Training

Explaining the theory behind developing a Pricing Strategy. Helping the customer to establish a pricing strategy and how to monitor progress. Start to develop competitive responses to competitive activity.

Implementation assistance

Helping our clients to determine a pricing strategy across all their products or services taking into account the objectives for the different brands or product groups Implementing Price Trakker in order to monitor competitors pricing and to identify how they operate in the market. Then we establish a ‘playbook’ of responses that can be used to ensure that the pricing objectives can be clearly followed

Brand values review

This review is available to any company that has high brand values that can be adversely affected by pricing issues and involves: Monitoring pricing in the marketplace to maintain brand value. Establishing the Pricing strategy for the assortment. Finding out how the strategy is being operated by resellers and/stores.

A ‘Learn and Return’ review

Defining strategic goals and objectives to focus on the way you set your prices across your assortment. We look closely at how you are using Price Trakker or a similar Price Monitoring system (PMS) to meet those objectives? Find out whether you are meeting your pricing goals and objectives, if not what can be done to change that​.

Monitor Direct Competitors

  • Monitor all your key competitors by directly scraping their website
  • Compare same or similar products
  • Accurate product matching

Monitor Google Shopping

  • Monitor every seller that is listed on Google Shopping
  • Search using GTIN / MPN
  • Fully automated daily scrapes

Monitor Your Resellers

  • Monitor MAP, MSRP and RRP violations
  • Automated alerts for violations
  • Prevents deep discounting