Awareness of your resellers’ pricing strategies will help you protect your brand’s reputation. Intelligent price tracking can effectively manage your online sales channels – saving both time and money.

Monitor your reseller channel

Bolster your brand perception – take charge of your reseller channel and ensure your products are advertised at the right price.

Monitor product ranges and resellers

Monitor all your products in a single place or allocate them to different departments. Establish an alert system, highlighting resellers that are advertising your products at the wrong price.

Know your Competitors

Reap the rewards of knowing your competitors’ products and pricing structure inside out. Compare your product range to your competitors’ and ensure that your products are priced accordingly.

Work smarter

Relevant data provided by a competitive intelligence service is invaluable in getting your product teams operating more effectively. Our pricing automation features analyse the impact of margin adjustments, to highlight competitive price points or the potential for increased margins.

It’s not all about price

Price Trakker’s capabilities extend much further than simply price checking. Effortlessly keep track of your competitors’ promotions, reviews, stock levels, or on-page SEO. If the information is out there – Price Trakker will find it.

Strengthen your market position

Consumer perception can influence your brand’s position in the market. If resellers are massively discounting your products, it can have a detrimental impact on your brand. Keep track of your brand’s positioning by monitoring your retailers and distributors prices daily.