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Dynamic Pricing

Increase profits by up to 10% and revenue up to 30% by dynamically adjusting product prices

Pricing automation ensures accurate implementation of pricing policy across channels with 100% catalogue coverage

Intuitive control dashboard full control over AI and rule-based pricing strategies

A real-time response to user behaviour, competition and cost changes

Fast and simple implementation. Integration with common commerce retail and ERP platforms.

Seamless sync of approved price recommendations into commerce or ERP platforms

PriceTrakker-QL Provides automatic price changes in response to real-time supply
demand and market elasticity.

The last decade has brought scientific precision and innovation to retail pricing. With real-time dynamic pricing, brands and retailers are rapidly and accurately modifying end user prices, based on algorithms that consider inventory, sales forecasts, competitive intelligence, user behaviour, and revenue management controls.

Retailers who fail to utilise the available data to determine optimal price points experience revenue leakage in the form of undersold inventory when prices are too high, or unrealized revenue when inventory is sold below the optimal price point.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like those utilised by PriceTrakker-QL, can help retailers maximize revenues by determining optimal price points. The tools integrate data from users, competitors, forecasts, and industry controls, utilizing a cloud-based highly scalable platform, to drive revenue for brands and retailers.

Platform Features

  • Utilizes competitor data (if available) for modelling competitive sensitivity
  • Detects user behaviour anomalies
  • Employs comprehensive set of pricing rules and constraints, and automates the existing process
  • Forecasts weekly sales
  • Applies comprehensive set of algorithms (ML, reinforcement learning)
  • Integrates dynamic cost functions
  • Incorporates a/b testing as integral pricing platform element
  • Utilizes algorithmic platform for bespoke algorithm development (real time and batch)
  • Features complete UI, reporting and logging

How Does Price Trakker Work?

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