The UK’s best ecommerce price monitoring tool

Our ecommerce competitor analysis tool can monitor products across all categories against your competitors on a daily basis. We scrape the data that’s important to you from each of your competitors, including price, product title, and any promotions.

This will then be presented to you in our easy to use competitor monitoring dashboard which shows historical pricing information of each product, as well as data that can help you to spot opportunities.

A Dedicated Team to Help You Get Ahead

Our ecommerce price monitoring tool is not a 'one-size-fits-all' tool. Right from the very beginning, our highly skilled team will work with you to fully understand the needs of your business, your competitors, and the landscape of your industry. With this tailored understanding of your business, we will work alongside you at every stage of the project to help you achieve your goals.

You will be allocated a dedicated account manager and technical lead that will be there to support you throughout your project, and will move mountains to help you monitor your competitor's ecommerce pricing and get ahead.

We can monitor prices for similar products at Amazon, eBay, Etsy and independent online stores.

No, your competitors won’t know you’re watching them – we take data privacy very seriously.

ECOMMERCE Competitor's Website

Price-savvy shoppers are transforming ecommerce. Is your pricing too high or too low when compared to your competitors? Your customers already know the answer and now you can too, with intelligent price tracking.

  • Monitor all your products against all your ecommerce competitors.
  • Collect additional data such as availability, promotions, multi-pack and more.
  • Receive actionable insights daily.
  • All data delivered through an online dashboard and raw data dump (CSV / Excel).
  • All countries and currencies supported.
  • Re-price your products automatically with bespoke business rules.
  • All countries and currencies supported.


  • Historical prices helps you see trends in the market place such as discounting prior to Christmas, Black Friday deals and also how each competitor reacts to price changes on other sites.
  • View historical ecommerce pricing information on each product
  • Identify pricing trends and discounting patterns.
  • Identify ecommerce competitors that are mirroring your price.
  • Identify how often your ecommerce competitors change their prices.

Monitor Direct Competitors

  • Monitor all your key competitors by directly scraping their website
  • Compare same or similar products
  • Accurate product matching

Monitor Google Shopping

  • Monitor every seller that is listed on Google Shopping
  • Search using GTIN / MPN
  • Fully automated daily scrapes

Monitor Your Resellers

  • Monitor MAP, MSRP and RRP violations
  • Automated alerts for violations
  • Prevents deep discounting