#1 eCommerce Competitor Price Monitoring Software

Monitor Resellers

Protect your brand with our MAP monitoring solution. We will monitor your resellers in any channel that you require and will alert you of any violations.

We work with brands across the globe that reply on our scraping, reporting and alerting capabilities to ensure that any MAP violations are dealt with swiftly.

Overseeing the compliance of sales channels can eat up an unhealthy amount of time that could be used more productively elsewhere.

Through the ability of price tracking, we can do all the market monitoring, assembling critical data on ranges, availability and prices of products, as well as assessing the impact of any grey-market activity or promotional campaigns.

We also offer a service where we can show you the position / ranking of your products on your resellers websites.

So if you are providing marketing support to your resellers and want to know exactly how your products are positioned within a site then this service is perfect for you.

Brands: Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violations

  • Protect your brand by ensuring that products are sold at the correct price.
    Ensure your products are priced as they should be.
  • Monitor your resellers and help them protect their margins
  • Receive actionable insights daily
  • Monitor market places such as Google Shopping, Amazon, etc.
  • Receive notifications of large price fluctuations
  • All countries and currencies supported
  • Account manager and a technical lead on hand to support you and maintain your system whenever required.

Monitor Direct Competitors

  • Monitor all your key competitors by directly scraping their website
  • Compare same or similar products
  • Accurate product matching

Monitor Google Shopping

  • Monitor every seller that is listed on Google Shopping
  • Search using GTIN / MPN
  • Fully automated daily scrapes