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Dashboard Homepage

The home page gives you a quick overview of how your prices compare against your competitors.

You will see products that have changed in price since yesterday. price alerts that have initiated as well as a breakdown of your price comparison for each product category and much more.

The homepage can configured to provide just information your need make quick decisions.

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Product listing page

This page lists all of your products and prices. The straightforward traffic light system lets you instantly see how your price compares with your competitors. Use page filtering to display the information you need, in a few clicks you can easily see which products offer an opportunity for margin increases.

Product History Page

The product page records price movements for a single product for up to ninety days – this data can then be downloaded as a CSV, Excel, JSON or XML file.

A link is provided to each of your competitors products, so you can instantly check for accuracy. You’ll also see additional data – such as current competitor promotions, stock levels and price breaks where available.

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Assortment Page

Here you will see insights and comparisons of both yours, and your competitors product ranges. Filter products into brands and product categories for accurate data analysis.

This page also highlights how your price distribution compares to your competitors and provides real insight into how your competitors position themselves in the market place.

Trakker Price Manager

TPM is a tool that works hand in hand with our Price Trakker dashboard. TPM will help you spot margin opportunities to improve your profitability from day one. It looks at several factors to determine the optimum price for each of your products. The tool is designed to be fully configurable so that any bespoke rules can be added in for you. Unlike competitor price monitoring dashboards that have a price manager tool built in, TPM is supported by us to provide bespoke rules that fit your business needs exactly.

TPM can be used as a re-pricer which updates your website automatically with the optimal price each day.

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Web data extraction

On top of automated price and competitor monitoring, Price Trakker offer a web data extraction service that is designed to your exact needs. Decide what information you would like to collect and our web scrapers will automatically gather the requested information on a regular basis – we’ll then deliver it to you in a structured format such as Excel or CSV.
We are able to extract any information that you need, not only what’s visible on the page but often additional information such as stock levels which is hidden behind the pages.
This service is available as a one-off or on regular intervals, these is no limit to the quantity of data that we can deliver.

How Does Price Trakker Work?

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