Smarter Pricing
Better Profits

Your customers have your
competitors’ prices at their
fingertips. Do you?

Increase your profitability by tracking your competitor’s prices

Monitor competitors’ prices

Price Trakker provides accurate insight into your competitors’ pricing strategies, enabling you to continuously measure and adjust your prices in order to remain competitive.

Price strategically

Pricing reflects your position within a market. Price Trakker allows you to react quickly to price movements, taking advantage of bigger margins.

Customise reports

Receive bespoke reports and a customisable dashboard, tailored to you. Easily export your data to spreadsheets or access raw data directly through our API. Unlike our competitors, we shape our services around your needs, not vice versa.

Fast to deploy

As part of our service for new customers, we ensure that the system is configured to suit your exact business needs. Our efficient service means that deployment can take as little as 24 hours.

View reports on the go

We know how important real-time reports are for business visibility. That’s why Price Trakker works completely in-browser; all you need is a web connection to view detailed reports on the go.

Expert exporting

Price Trakker allows you to easily export data to spreadsheets, or access the raw data directly through our API. Get the most out of this information by generating graphs and charts, displaying trends clearly and visually.

How it works

Automatically extract and compare product price information from your competitors’ websites every day.

Present pricing data in a user-friendly format so you’ll know at a glance the products to review.

Eliminate manual price comparison to save weeks of time. Take timely decisions to grow you bottom line.

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