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The most configurable competitor price monitoring service
available anywhere, as no two customers are the same.

More than 5 million price points each month

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What can Price Trakker do for you?

Price Trakker provides daily actionable insight to large and small retailers and brands across the globe. Our proprietary technology is reliable and accurate, and customers use our intelligence system to automate pricing decisions for their websites and boost their bottom line.

Price Trakker Features

Stay Competitive

React quickly to competitor price movements and take advantage of additional margins as soon as they’re available. Automated alerts will make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Save Time

Automated competitor price monitoring saves valuable time and enables you to make timely decisions. Your customers have access to your competitor’s prices where ever they are.

Customised Reporting

We create automated reports that provide the information that you need to help you grow your business, including automating your product pricing if required.

How Does Price Trakker Work?

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Every Product | Every Competitor | Every Day

Price Trakker extracts pricing data from all your competitors each day, there is no limit on the number of products or competitors that can be tracked.

Pricing data is presented in a user-friendly online dashboard. The dashboard is designed to highlight products where you should be more competitive and where there is an increased margin opportunity.

Automated competitor price monitoring enables you to make timely decisions to ensure your pricing is spot-on. Your customers are price-savvy, don’t lose them by being uncompetitive.